Tupperware Spice It Masala Mate Container

৳ 1,500 ৳ 1,300

  • Separate, seven removable cups for storing herbs and spices easy to hold, pick up and carry
  • Handle on both sides for a comfortable grip
  • Small, utility serving spoon to help in convenient measuring and usage
  • Airtight container, which locks in freshness and helps in retaining the individual flavour and essence of the contents
  • One-touch seal for smooth and convenient closing/opening of the seal
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Spice It Container

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The Tupperware Spice It container is just what you need to store and preserve spices, herbs, sprinkles, seasonings, candies, and condiments. This Tupperware spice container contains a set of seven small cups and a little spoon. You can use the small cups to store different types of spices in one place, while the spoon lets you scoop up the right amount of spices or condiments in order to rustle up a delicious dish. You don’t have to rumAll Productsmage through numerous containers during cooking as you can pick up all the seasonings and spices you require from one single place, thereby resulting in saving time and enhancing convenience.


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